Our Html5 games catalog

If you are looking for cool Html5 games for your portal, website, application or another channel - we would be very happy to license our games to you.
All our Html5 games could be easily played on any device with a browser - both desktop, tablet or smartphone.
Feel free to browse our catalog on this page, either with links to specific categories or with all games at

Non-exclusive licensing

A non-exclusive license allows you to use the games on all the portals/channels/websites you own and monetize them in a way that you see fit.
The games can't be sublicensed or distributed outside of your portals/apps in any way.
We could brand the games with your logo and/or loading screen (that's included in the basic non-exclusive license).
Licensed games are delivered for you to be hosted and all our advertising is removed from the games.
We can also deliver localized versions of the games, connect the games to your API or integrate an SDK - those additional services might require additional fees.

Exclusive licensing

If you require a game with very specific theme or mechanic, we could create an exclusive, custom version of one of our titles. Such modified game could have totally different graphics, adjusted mechanics and would be 100% exclusive to you. Such games are perfect for advertising campaigns.

Ways to obtain the non-exclusive licenses for our games

Please contact Robert via email to discuss the costs of the non-exclusive and exclusive licenses or inquiry regarding other offers on our Html5 games.